No Meeting -Thursday, December 31, 2015


Alleygations - December 21, 2015 - Santa Claus

'Twas the Monday before Christmas, when all through the house, Rotary bowlers were stirring, might this be my powerhouse night; The bowling balls were placed on the ball returns with care, With hope that their warming would soon be there; The teams were nestled so snug in their lanes, With visions of grandeur so vividly ingrained, And Coach in his …

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Juli Niemann's State of the Economy - 2016   -----  Bring a Guest

Our first meeting  of 2016 on January 7 features Juli Niemann forecasting the economy for 2016.  This is a real highlight event. Be sure to come and bring a guest, but make a reservation through the Rotary Office for your guest!  More information below.

Member Niemann Juli

State of the Economy - 2016 Edition - Julie Niemann

"State of the Economy - 2016 Edition" Juli Niemann, Executive Vice President, Smith Moore & Co. Juli gives regales us with her vision and views of the economy for the coming year.  Fast paced, enlightening, fun, and well worth your time. Juli’s experience as a financial analyst spans 40+ years in the investment industry, currently with Smith Moore and Company. …

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Special Elections Notice

Election Ballots will be mailed to you on January 4, 2016.  Your completed ballot MUST be returned by mail to the Rotary Office no later than January 13 to be counted.  Make your vote count!  For more information CLICK HERE   or see the post below.


Rotary Club Elections - 2016-2017

Election of Officers - Members Please Participate Elections for officers and board members for 2016-2017 will be held within the next 2 weeks.  All members of the Rotary Club of St. Louis is good standing will receive an official ballot in the mail.  Ballot packets will be mailed to all members from PreSort (Jeromy Fritz’s company) on Monday, January 4. …

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Prom Kings and Queens Wanted - Jan 16, 2016

Calling all Prom Kings and Prom Queens! Come to the Club 11 Prom #1 on January 16 for an evening of fun and fellowship.  For all the details CLICK HERE or visit our Events Calendar for January 16, 2016.

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Think You Know It All? Club 11 Trivia Night - 2-27-2016

Great opportunity to prove that you really do know it all.  Save the date for Rotary Club of St. Louis Trivia Night.  All the details - CLICK HERE of go the the Calendar for February 2016.

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Rotary Fund Raiser 2015

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Weekly Programs

• December 31 - Happy New Year - No Rotary Meeting

• January 7, 2016 - Juli Niemann - State of the Economy - 2016

Committee Meetings:


Club Events:

• Saturday, 01/16 – Club 11 Prom at MAC (CRYSTAL ROOM)

• Saturday, 02/27 – Rotary Trivia Night at

• Wednesday, 05/18 – Club 11 Charity Golf Tournament


December Birthdays

Birthday Member Birthdays
Dec 01   Fuller, Don E. (DON)
Dec 02   Ruthsatz, Dale E. (DALE)
Dec 07   Kocher, Robert J. (ROBERT)
Dec 07   Edwards, Vincent (VINCENT)
Dec 17   Gonterman, J. W. (J.)
Dec 18   Hays, Mark Alan (MARK)
Dec 23   Purcell, William K. (WILLIAM)
Dec 26   Hoxsey, Denise (DENISE)
Dec 26   Schoomer, Suzanne C. (SUZANNE)
Dec 29   Goad, Michele (MICHELE)
Dec 30   Guilfoy, John J. (JOHN)
Dec 31   Wendling, Derrick (DERRICK)


December Rotary Anniversaries 

Rotary Club of St. Louis – December 2015 

Member Anniversaries                      Years
Garagiola, Robert (ROBERT)               8
Lochmoeller, Donald C. (DONALD)      36
Wondolowski, Denise A. (DENISE)       27
Brandhorst, Frank H. (FRANK)            33
Seidel, Julius A. Jr.(JULIUS)               35
Murar, David (DAVID)                         7
Kocher, Robert J. (ROBERT)              29
Soifer, Jonathan (JONATHAN)            6
Smith, Sean (SEAN)                          10
Cartnal, Jeffrey (JEFFREY)              10
Carver, Scott (SCOTT)                      16
Nottingham, Claire (CLAIRE)              5
Scott, Dan (DAN)                              5
Bartels, Perry (PERRY)                     30
Schulte, Steve W. (STEVE)                18