Political Landscapes & Upcoming Election - Bob Holden

Bob Holden, 53rd Governor of Missouri, 2001-2005 Chairman of the Midwest US-China Association While Governor, Holden opened the first Missouri governmental office in China and as Founder of the Holden Public Policy Forum he helped create Missouri’s first Confucius Institute at Webster University.  In 2011, Holden became Chairman of the Midwest US-China Association. MWCA is a bipartisan organization representing the …

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Strawberry & Apple Salad w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette on Greens, Teriyaki Chicken w/ Pineapple & Pepper Relish, Wild Rice Medley and chef's choice dessert. Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea and Iced tea.

For members with dietary restrictions, alternate meals are available, but they must be ordered by no later than NOON Wednesday to Maggie Lampe, office number (314) 894-1759. --email -- maggiel@rotarystl.org   Cost: $16.00 or a prepaid luncheon ticket.


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Weekly Programs:

• Thursday October 13 - Young Citizens Awards - Dr. Kelvin Adams, SLPS Superintendent

• Thursday October 20 - Steve Stenger, St. Louis County Executive

• Thursday October 27 - Will An Apple a Day Keep Dementia Away? Alzheimer Disease Study - Dr.                                                   David Carr

Committee Meeting

•  Thursday October 6  -  Publicity 1pm MAC, 2nd Floor

•  Thursday October 20 - Fundraising 11am MAC Missouri

•  Thursday October 20 - Social 1pm MAC Missouri

•  Thursday October 20 - Community Service 1pm Eads

•  Thursday October 27 - Retention 10:45am MAC Missouri

Club Volunteer Opportunity

• Thursday October 6 - Come early to Rotary at 11am and help affix labels inside books being donated to Family Resource Center through our CAP Grant program. 

Club Events

• Saturday October 15 - Rotary Social: Train Ride to Washington, MO 

Member Piper William

Scribe's Report - September 22, 2016 - Bill Piper

After the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation, it was time for a different sort of “song”.  Ralph Decker took the podium and introduce the Rotarettes cheer team - Beth Russell, Wendy Schlesinger, Mark Roock and your humble scribe.  Showing some evidence of rehearsal, Ralph and the team led the club in the “Rotary Club 11 Cheer.”  Judging from some …

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Alleygations - September 26, 2016 - Mike Borough

WEEK 3 HIGHLIGHTS: -Team Werner caused a 5 frame delay malfunction on lane 21, possibly due to Richard Warrior’s 20+ mph armswing. After several attempts to resolve the issue, Team Werner and Team Borough relocated lanes. That’s why I got home so late. -Katie LaMarsh earned her 1st Turkey (+ 1 more strike) of the year -Arnold Hadler received the …

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October Birthdays

• Barber, Marci

• Boll, Richard

• Garland, Dan

• Hesley, Phil

• Huey, William

• Milne, George

• Poe, Earl

• Ryan, Jay

• Schenck, Robert

• Sheets, James

• Steinbrueck, Kent

• Thomsen, Mary Jane

• Weiss, Matt

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October Rotary Anniversaries 

Member Anniversaries                                             Years

• Barber, Marcia                                                          9

• Bossi, Amie                                                               2

• Conway, Dan                                                           26

• Gerber, Wesley                                                        25

• Gonterman, Bill                                                        50

• Guilfoy, John                                                            21

• Kalde, Harold                                                           40

• Piper, William                                                           24

• Lorenz, Donald                                                         22

• McNutt, Adam                                                           6