Fainer Ben

Weekly Speaker - January 30, 2014 - Ben Fainer

On Sept. 4, 1939 — three days after Germany's invasion of Poland set off World War II — German soldiers forced their way into his apartment in Bedzin, Poland, a town in southern Poland about 55 miles from the Czech Republic.

Big for his age, the 9-year-old Fainer lied ...

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Menu for January 30, 2014

Wedge of Romaine w/Cherry Tomatoes & Creamy Herb Dressing, Chicken Stroganoff, Buttered Egg Noodles,Zucchini, Yellow Squash & Carrot Medley, Chef’s choice dessert. Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea and Iced tea.

For members with dietary restrictions, alternate meals are available, but they must be ordered by Wednesday afternoon from the Rotary office at 314-894-1759. Cost: $16.00 or a prepaid luncheon ticket

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"BLING THING" Fundraiser Collection

Have a drawer full of unused, unloved jewelry or other "bling"?

Want an easy tax deduction? Before Dec 31?

Donate it to Club 11 for the Annual BLING THING Sale!!!!!

For an easy tax deduction, bring vintage jewelry of any kind and value to Rotary ...

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stock donation

Save on Taxes - Donate Appreciated Stock

Donate Appreciated (or Depreciated) Stock - Save on Taxes

Record levels for the stock market give you a great opportunity.  By donating appreciated stock to the Welfare Fund or to the Club 11 Endowment Fund, you may save extra money on  your taxes.

Easy to do!  Simply transfer the ...

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Upcoming Speakers

January 30: Ben Fainer, Holocaust Survivor, "Silent for Sixty Years"

February 6: Paul McKee, Update on the Northside Project

February 13: Kevin Tibbs, "Better Life" as seen on Shark Tank

February 20: Annual Engineers Day, Dr. Theodosius Alexander, Dean of the Engineering School @ St. Louis University

Committee Meetings

January 30: Ad-Hoc Membership Committee - 1:00 P.M., MAC

January 30: Community Service Committee - 1:00 P.M., MAC

February 3: Program Committee, Noon., MAC

February 11: Classification Committee, Noon, MAC

February 12: Board of Directors, Noon, MAC

Club Events

January 30: Happy Hour - Edgewild in Chesterfield 

February 13: Blood Drive - MAC

May 21, 2014: Charity Golf Tournament, Forest Park. To Benefit Ride on St. Louis

January Birthdays

Member Jarvis Matt

Scribe Report - January 16, 2014 - Matt Jarvis

Song:  “You’re A Grand Old Flag” led by Don Lochmoeller.

Invocation:  Rather than a traditional prayer, Dan Garland bucked the trend by leading us in a “greet your neighbor” exercise.

Announcements:  Applications are still being accepted for annual grants by nominating a non-profit you would ...

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Barber wharton photo

Bells, Stars and Northern Lights? It's Music Under the Stars


February 1 Social

 Use your imagination…  You are outside on a clear dark evening.  The stars are bright and more beautiful than any city dweller can view from home.  Suddenly the lovely music of a bell ...

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Member Kocher Robert

Alleygations - January 20, 2014 - Bob Kocher

All the lanes were full, we bowled, we drank, we left. Bowling scores for the night are shown below. 

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Charity Grants - 2014

Community Service Committee is now requesting charity financial grant requests for 2014.  All grant request must be sponsored by a Club 11 Rotarian.  Any member can sponsor a request.

Club 11 will be making grants of up to $5000 in May 2014 at a regular Rotary meeting.  A total of $20,000 to $30,000 will be awarded based on donations ...

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